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    Nagasaki Bombing 3 Days After Hiroshima

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    In five pages this paper discusses the post Hiroshima bombing of Nagasaki. Four sources and three visuals are cited in the bibliography.

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    and the aftermath in the country, as well as the revisionist historical thoughts, which are occurring today. Bibliography lists 4 sources including 3 visuals of post-Nagasaki after bombing.  BBnagaAb.doc THREE DAYS LATER: Nagasaki Written by B. Bryan Babcock for the Paperstore,  Inc., June 2001 Introduction Four years after 2,400 people were killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor; it has been estimated that 240,000 Japanese were killed in the bombings of  Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet the bombing of Nagasaki did not occur until three days after Hiroshima. This discussion will examine the events of that particular explosion and the aftermath  in the country, as well as the revisionist historical thoughts, which are occurring today. History Academic: According to journalistic reports from the time, " The morning of Thursday, August  9, (1945) was mild and humid in Nagasaki. The skies were fairly clear at 8:30 a.m., when a B-29 weather aircraft flew over the city. By mid-morning, however,  a weather front moving in from the East China Sea had spread a thick layer of cloud over Nagasaki." "Having been  forced to abandon their primary target, Kokura, because of haze and smoke, the B-29s Bockscar and The Great Artiste were running low on fuel as they approached Nagasaki. The  bombardier of Bockscar made a radar approach and released the "Fat Man" bomb at 11:02 a.m. The weapon exploded 1,540 feet above the Urakami River valley, 1.6 miles from  the intended target in the center of the city." As in all recorded history, occasionally a few facts of an event are recorded 

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