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    This 23 page paper provides a case study. The case study concerns a small advertising studio. Recommendations are made in respect to the setting up of a computer network at the office. Software and hardware are discussed as well as the networking process. Pricing and other financial considerations are included. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

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    which linger, inclusive of how the equipment can be purchased and whether or not it should be financed. Income, and the reliability of income is crucial for projecting future profit  and creating a cash flow forecast. An example of a studio in the advertising business is used. However, while estimates concerning costs are easily accomplished, it becomes more difficult to  project just how much money is taken in, particularly in this industry. With the use of past records, one can project how much each account takes in, but in advertising,  an account can be lost overnight. Therefore, in purchasing equipment and setting up shop, the big picture is imperative. At the same time, certain equipment is standard and there is  software that is almost a given in the field of graphic art. Therefore, while cuts may be made in a variety of areas, care should be taken to make sure  that everything necessary to run the shop is purchased. Purchasing equipment, hiring people, and so forth, is something that can be difficult. Employees and freelancers need workstations and so there  must be enough computers to accommodate the studio when it is at full force. All artists and executives will need access to the system and there must be servers or  multiple serves to store data. In focusing on the purchasing of hardware and software, and the set up of a network, many things need to be considered. First, in order  to see how financial and computer considerations come into play, a case study is useful. II. Case Study A small print production studio called Studio Seven is planning  to open its doors in the summer of 2003. Situated in lower Manhattan, it has obtained several clients, inclusive of several well known entities. Its clients are primarily large advertising 

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