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    New Product Development for the Asian Footwear Market

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    This 3 page paper examines the Asian footwear market. A new product development proposal is provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    there is certainly a good market and it is supported by data. A variety of markets are important as it respects manufacturing in various areas of the world. Asian countries  are notorious for their inexpensive factories and cheap labor. When targeting Asian consumers, it is important to note its unique attachment to the product because they are used to being  able to purchase quality footwear at low prices. First, some history is relevant. It seems that a bunch of small companies that produced footwear in China, had moved to  the Fujian Province due to pressure in terms of rising wages (Yusuf, 2003). Various external and economic factors do impact all industries, and one can see that this has certainly  affected the footwear industries, inclusive of sports footwear. Sports footwear is attached to Asian countries, particularly in recent times. Maquire (2002) writes: "Though Nikes headquarters is located in the United  States, the ranges of subcontractors involved straddles the globe. Its suppliers and production companies are located in a host of Southeast Asian countries..." (p.4). In examining some of the  literature it becomes clear that Asia is a place in which a great deal of sport footwear is manufactured. That is rather obvious. What is not so obvious is that  it is also a hot market for sport footwear. Adidas for example reported a 22% increase in Asia, in terms of sales for the first quarter of 2002 ("Adidas-Salomon in  the first," 2002). That is a phenomenal climb and indicative of the fact that Asia is a good market for sport footwear. In developing a new product for the Asian  market, more data is necessary. It should be stated that females are the ones who lead males in terms of sport footwear purchases ("NSGA Research NEWS," 2005). In 2004, for 

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