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    This 15 page paper examines Nike. The paper is written into two parts. The first part of the paper looks at Nike and its' strategy with in its competitive environment using a SWOT analysis to examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company faces and a PEST analysis to look at the political, economic, social and technological influences on the company. The second part of the paper examines Nike from a marketing perspective, looking at the way the brand is positioned, its' target market as well is aspects such as products, pricing, placement and promotion. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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    purchases and knees to compete with consideration to the external environment and the way in which it can use its internal competencies to market itself. Nike is a dominant brand  and has achieved its dominant position through careful management and marketing strategies. To examine the company more detailed it is necessary to look at the company itself, is background, the  external environment and the internal environment with a focus on marketing. Nike is a well known brand name for sportswear, including footwear. Named  after the Greek Goddess of Victory this firm has attempted to emulate its namesake and become a major supplier, and in doing so has met with much success. The company  started in Oregon in 1963 by Philip Knight. The company started out selling only sports shoes at track meetings. Now the company has a wide range of products, with the  core products being the sports shoes that have been marketed by way of association marketing with a focus on the research and development in order to create highly technical shoes.  The company has been developed as a hollow corporation. They are in effect a marketing company that develop and research their own product, but do not manufacture anything. Nike rely  on third parties to undertake their manufacturing. 2. The Company within the External Environment This American based firm sells anything sports related  from trainers and football boots to T-shirts and sweatbands (Thompson, 2007). The market it operates in is highly competitive with Nike competing with companies such as Reebok, who recently acquired  Adidas in an attempt to increase market share and gain economies of scope and scale. However, even with this combined competition Nike still remains the dominant firm. A good 

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