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    Ninth Chapter of the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and What it Means

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    In five pages this paper examines how Chapter IX of Frederick Douglass' Narrative summarizes the text as a whole with broad meanings also analyzed. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    autobiographies, but in todays market, most publishable works have a glimmer of insight and intrigue. In the case of Frederick Douglass, the slave who wrote a book about his experience  quite awhile ago, there have been many moments of interest. Of course, it is likely that not all of those moments survived in his narrative, but many did. In the  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, several episodes stand out as moments of personal and political transformation and these are quite exciting. Towards the beginning of the work,  he writes: "Keen as was my regret, and great as was my sorrow, at leaving my old home, I was not long in adapting myself to this my new one.  A mans troubles are always half disposed of when he finds endurance the only alternative" (Douglass PG). Here he begins to realize that endurance is not the only thing he  will require to get through his days of enslavement. He also relays his sadness regarding the move. The plight of the slave is certainly apparent here. Of course, Douglass  is immersed in slavery, but moving in general is a meaningful thing. Today, when people move, they put all of their belongings on a large truck, often driven by hired  men they do not know. It is scary to have to leave everything one owns in one place and have no home for several hours or several days while the  transition takes place. In some way, it is a freeing and life-changing experience. One realizes that they are not their things. There is more to life than a home and  household items, even though home is important too. Clearly, if one goes beyond the slave issue, they will find other meanings in Douglasss relay of life events. Douglass also talks 

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