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    is one of the safest methods of producing energy known to humanity. It is a form of power associated with the nuclear bomb and also associated with Chernobyl. It is  also a form of power that is considered safe and has been used by France, in the production of 80% of Frances energy, without any problems (LeBas, 2007). The following  paper discusses elements of nuclear power. The paper examines the pros and cons, the neutron, fission, and the four fundamental forces. Nuclear Power: Pros and Cons  As noted in the introduction, many people associate nuclear power with the disaster that occurred years ago in Chernobyl. However, "Outside of Chernobyl, there has never  been a single death attributed to the mining, reaction, or disposal of nuclear material" (LeBas, 2007). It is considered far safer than most people believed and "provides the type of  power necessary to run this planet," which apparently no other power source can state (LeBas, 2007). It is also argued as being less "pollutive" than using fossil fuels in relationship  to the environment (LeBas, 2007). On the other hand, many argue that there is not enough known about nuclear power to keep  using it as a power supply. They seem to put nuclear power plants in the strangest, and most dangerous, locations such as along earthquake fault lines and this is argued  by many as a major issue against nuclear power plants. In addition, "Radioactive uranium" takes around "45 billion years before...material is safely inert" which seems a very unsafe practice or  product (LeBas, 2007). Nuclear Power: Neutron The student requesting this paper asks, "What fact about atomic nuclei suggests the existence of 

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