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    Nutrition, Health and Safety in Public Schools

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    This 5 page paper focuses on a fictitious elementary school and interviews several stake holders. Issues concerning health are addressed. Several proposals are made to render a healthier school population. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    to the health and well being of children. However, it is only through visitation that one can establish the lengths that schools go to ensure that all of these issues  are adequately addressed. II. Nutrition The issue of nutrition is addressed at ABC Elementary School through a variety of methods. Nutrition is taught at a base  level in the context of the classroom. Also, much attention is paid to the school lunch program. Parents have complained about the availability of soda in machines around the school  and since that time, the program has been eliminated. Also, there are rules pertaining to snacks. In the past, parents were allowed to send cupcakes in on childrens birthdays but  there are a few diabetic children, and several with severe weight issues. It has been agreed that one day per month, there will be a celebratory birthday party for anyone  born in that month. Both nutritious foods and cupcakes will be available. There seems to be a good knowledge base on this subject and the attitude is refreshing. There is  a sense that physical activity and nutrition are important aspects of health. In interviewing the physical education teacher Ms. Volley, she has relayed a sense that the children are cognizant  of weight issues. The Principal, Dr. Meyer claims that the parents at this school have been quite diligent about making sure their children are well nourished and eat healthy  food. He admits that his diet is less than stellar and so he does not set a good example. When interviewing the school nurse, she claims that the children are  perhaps sneaking many extra calories in the unhealthy food choices provided by the cafeteria. One parent agrees with the nurses assessment. The parent, Julie Crane adds: "The school lunch has 

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