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    This 15 page paper analyzes the role that states powers played in the oppression of the minority creditors after the American Revolution. The Federalist Papers are examined. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    the United States. Those who are most vocal and have the most backing tend to have the power, it can be said, and those are the views that are supported.  This was just as true when the United States was in its infancy as it is today. The minority creditors in the post American Revolutionary era were severely suppressed by  the excessive power of states rights, a fact that many politicians took note of and spoke out against in the Federalist Papers. In the end, the ensuing struggle served to  expose some of the glaring inadequacies of the first attempt at the constitution and provided the impetus to draft the declaration of independence some years later. STATES POWER AND  THE OPPRESSION OF MINORITY CREDITORS In the beginning the states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, and New York had already declared themselves somewhat, nations  unto themselves. They did not particularly see the need to be unified. Many had already set their own rules and regulations into practice by charging port taxes and other import  taxes from neighboring states(Dye/Zeigler 28). Many of these taxes were worse on the minority creditors than had been the levied taxes of the British Crown.  After the British left the shores of America, the young country was faced with how to keep their economy afloat. Credit became one of the  only viable means of survival for businesses. Though barter and cash were reportedly the most common form of exchange, larger businesses relied heavily on credit which delayed the actual  payment until a later date, which allowed the businesses time to get back on their feet. The problem seems to have come into play when the individual states began to 

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