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    Olde City is Plagued by Gentrification (Paper Proposal)

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    is something that to some extent destroys life as it had been known. While people are happy to make money as their property values go through the roof, many people  enjoy staying in their communities. They love old homes and choose established areas so that they can have the quality of life they desire without having to pay a high  cost or having to entertain a lot of visitors. Yet, today, old is trendy. People like to fix up worn townhouses or live in brand new townhouses that just look  old. They also like to live in places that seem hip. Philadelphias Olde City is such a place. However, what is problematic about Olde City is that it is growing  too rapidly and losing its historic character. In examining the problem, it pays to clearly define it. Gentrification is occurring and that is the focus of this proposal. Knauss  explains: "Gentrification is what usually happens when large numbers of people move into an area where many, if not most, of the old residents have substantially less income and fewer  economic resources than the new residents. The new group tends to push out the old as properties increase in their market value and change hands." The author goes on to  explain that well meaning artists who want to live in old cities because they like the character of the region are actually part of the problem; people like the artsy  flair and move in and that drives up the rates (Knauss). In writing a paper about Olde City, and how things have changed over the years, it  seems that a variety of sources may be used. Book sources are often not very current and cannot denote the most recent trends and insights. Still, text books are good 

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