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    A 12-page research paper that offers an extensive literature review about what research tells educators about the efficacy of one-to-one computing programs. The writer defines this term, addresses how it affect pedagogy, problems with implementation, research findings, etc. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    (Osbourne and Anderson, 2004). Researcher Lesley Page was convinced that the "conveyor belt" approach to childbirth that was typical of hospital care was inappropriate (Midwifery research, 2006). With the  strong support of the Hammersmith Research Trust, Page conducted a detailed investigation that compared the one-to-one model of midwifery with more traditional medicalized care. The results of this investigation  revealed that mothers were received care from one, or at the most two, midwives enjoyed the experience of childbirth more and expressed greater satisfaction with care (Midwifery research, 2006). Furthermore,  these women were 30 percent less likely o require epidural anesthesia (Midwifery research, 2006). This and other research led the NHS to revamp maternity care in the UK by  initiating the one-to-one midwifery model. One-to-one midwifery is a concept paradigm, which was first introduced into London-based maternity service in 1993 (McCourt, et al, 1998). This concept put into practice  the new governmental policy for maternity services in England. In 1998, McCourt, et al conducted an evaluation of this project. The following critique evaluates this research by directly addressing the  study and its design structure, but it also offers further evaluation by comparing the results of McCourt, et al (1998) with other literature on this topic, particularly focusing on more  recent literature. However, in order to appreciate the significance of the one-to-one midwifery model, which the McCourt, et al, study addresses, it is also necessary to see this standard of  care in light of the historical background that initiated its formulation. This topic, also, is addressed. Background The roots of midwifery are founded on the support that one  woman can give to another during pregnancy and birth (Page, 2003). Until quite recently in history, midwives were a part of a womans life or community, either a relative or 

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