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    Ontario Gaming Industry (Case Study)

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    This 5 page paper considers a case study on the Ontario gaming industry. Recommendations are made. The law is discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    venture away from its strategic direction in order to go after an opportunity in the Ontario gaming industry. It would be a substantial change for this company. Which way should  the company go? First, it should be noted that the Ontario governments decision to legalize casino gambling is at the crux of the issue. History is important in  evaluating this case study. First, the firm had its ups and downs but by 1979 Electrohome sales and profits increased due ot the emergence of a new market. Video display  screens were needed. However, by 1982 it seems that Japan and the U.S. industries have flooded the market in this niche. In 1992, the firm had another opportunity which was  to enter the gaming industry. However, the industry has a long and interesting history in the region. Also according to the case study submitted by a student, the only type  of gaming permitted in Canada had been pari-mutual track betting. In 1985, the provinces would glean more power and this would change things. The Gaming Control Act was passed  in 1992 ("AGCO," 2003). By 1992, Casino gambling was allowed. Slot machines were suddenly allowed and this created a new market for Electrohome. The revenues for creating  slot machines for Electrohome were small at first. However, it was not allowed in Ontario at that time. When Electrohome decided to enter the Ontario gaming market, the decision was  controversial. The question is whether or not Electrohome should or should not enter the market. Pros and cons are contained in the case study. It has been suggested  that reasons for the firm to become involved in gaming is because it is a company with a good reputation, there is a possibility of establishing a cooperative arrangement, and 

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