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    Orbital Engine Corporation

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    This 22 page paper is an in-depth look at this Australian company that developed a revolutionary two stroke engine and fuel system. The writer considers the strategies they used and how they may increase company performance in the future. Analysis used include a PEST analysis, a SWOT analysis, Porters Five Forces, a stakeholder analysis, and a brief financial analysis. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    that is resistant to change. This has cost the company a great deal of money, and although licence agreements have been sighed, they are not producing the revenue as the  technology is not being used. The company has redirected its strategy into an easier market, that has fewer barriers and is both cheaper and simpler to break into.  The finding of this report is that the initial concentration on the automotive industry was a costly mistake that has lead the company into  a weak finial position. The recommendation, that will satisfy the most stakeholders and protect the company from a hostile takeover is to refocus the efforts on the market that has  recently been entered, which is more open to the products and has fewer barriers. I. Introduction The development of new products can be problematic, even for companies  with strong existing contacts and vast funds to back up the research and development of new ideas and products. For a company such as Orbital Engine Corporation, the ability to  compete is even more difficult. In many ways we can see the manifestation of symptoms that are associated with the need to create new markets as a result of a  good idea, the lack of funding and the problems of and pressures of stock market participation as well as the difficulties in developing and hanging strategies as market conditions. If  we look at Orbital Engine Corporation in more detail then we can see how they have reached their current situation, in understanding this a clearer picture of the company and  its abilities will emerge that will help with future strategic planning. II. Statement of Problem Ralph Sarich stated developing a new and revolutionary product in 1970. This was the 

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