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    A 3 page review of an article titled, “Need to deliver bad news? How and why to tell it like it is.” The article’s major points can be summarized as a “how to” tell employees a story so that the content is meaningful and memorable, while engaging stakeholders. The ultimate point for managers is to meet challenges rather than hide from them, and to give employees the respect of honesty that hard-working adults deserve. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    circulate around offices in the pre-PC days was that of a stylized mushroom complete with facial features arranged into a perplexed expression. The caption of the cartoon, altered here,  was something on the order of, "Sometimes I feel like a mushroom. They keep me in the dark and feed me compost."  The goal of the article, "Need to deliver bad news? How and why to tell it like it is," is to encourage Human Resource (HR) professionals to openly communicate  messages to employees, regardless of how unpleasant the message may be. Guidelines The anonymous author of the article provides several broad rules for  communicating difficult news, the greatest of which is to ensure that employees hear the message they need to hear. Employees want to know the truth, and prolonged management avoidance  of difficult news creates an atmosphere in which the actual news becomes far less grave than the rumors that grow up in the atmosphere of secrecy. As George and  Jones (2002) point out, however, the "simple sharing of information is not enough for communication take place" (p. 431). Those involved in the exchange must reach a common understanding  (George and Jones, 2002) for true communication to take place. It is managements responsibility to ensure that everyone involved understands the message at hand, because "Communication is ineffective when  people either donot receive the information they need or are not quite sure what the information they do receive means" (George and Jones, 2002; p. 431).  The article author also provides a list of four areas in which full and effective communication is crucial. These are turnover, compensation, rewards and what is 

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