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    Our Health, Our Care, Our Say

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    This 10 page paper is an examination and critique of the UK government White paper “Our health, Our care, Our say” which sets out the next stage of strategy for the NHS. The paper starts buy outlining the plans and the strategies and then consider show healthcare professionals view these changes the way similar changes have been received and the potential problems of the white papers proposals. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

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    is there demand for improvements but also many issues of accountability and transparency in the way healthcare is provided. The use of white papers to la out policy has been  seen with several health initiatives, used as tools on which to base the changes that are to take place and are useful to measure the nature and scope of policy  changes and a benchmark against which progress can be assessed. The White Paper "Our health, Our care, Our say" is a proposal  to take the health service in a new direction where patients are treated as customers and all services to have a higher level of integration. Prime Minister Tony Blair stated  that he sees the development as "a new era where the service is designed around the patient rather than the needs of the patient being forced to fit around the  service already provided" (quoted Hall and Bryant, 2006). The paper may also be seen as recognising the need for a more long  term approach and considering the political importance and the economic importance of healthcare (Community Care, 2006). It may be argued that unless this were not a political issue then the  attention would be focused elsewhere, also that with increasing costs in healthcare the need for be a more long term approach so that costs can be avoided with preventative healthcare  as well as treatment of conditions. To appreciate and consider the way in which it is impacting and the way it may impact we need look at the paper itself  and consider how it is and may change the approach and culture within the NHS. The plan is seen as a 

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