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    Overlying Atmospheric Circulation System and Ocean Currents

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    In five pages this paper examines the overlying atmospheric circulation system, ocean currents, and the relationship that exists between them. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Scientists have known for generations that there is an integral connection between ocean currents and the overlying atmospheric circulation system.  Both ocean circulation systems and atmospheric systems have definitive patterns which are comparable in their nature and both function in much the same way in regard to the manner  which they move through the world. The only difference, in fact, is that the material being moved by ocean currents is primarily aquatic in its nature and the material  being moved by atmospheric currents is primarily gaseous. Both, however, have a secondary function of moving solid particulates and even larger solids as well. An equally important consideration  is the fact that ocean currents interact with atmospheric conditions to create a variety of climatological phenomena. The very turning of  the earth on its axis drives both ocean and atmospheric currents. This effect, known as the coriolis effect, couples with the differential absorption of the heat of the sun  to produce the most predictable currents in ocean and air. Driven by wind and differences in density and temperature which alternately cause masses of water to rise and fall  in time with the undulations of the earth itself, ocean currents have existed throughout the ages (Whipple, 1983). The atmosphere  and oceans alike are three dimensional structures, complete with their own highways and byways, the currents which run from one part of the world to another. Upon these currents  depend numerous factors which have shaped the world as we know it. Each is home to a phenomenal number of creatures. Within the currents live and thrive everything 

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