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    Overview of Cerebral Angiography

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    Cerebral angiography is examined in ten pages in terms of history, development, and medical applications. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    area of more immediate and intimate connection with the human race: the brain. It has been stated that only the average human being utilizes a certain percentage of the brain.  Those functions have now been opened to study thanks to the invention of such devices as the PET and the CAT scans. While PET and CAT scans measure the electrical  impulses in the brain, cerebral angiography maps the flow of blood to the various regions of the brain. It has been found that the area of the brain that is  being used increases the demand for blood supply. Therefore, being able to track the increased flow of blood can enable surgeons and researchers to better understand what is taking place  when a whole host of situations are presented to a person, or in the case of the surgeon, can tell him/her which area of the brain to avoid when performing  surgery. Historically, there was no way to track the process of blood flow to brain tissues. With the advent of cerebral angiography it became possible to insert a small  catheter into a persons artery, then release a tracer dye. This dye is then trekked, a series of x-rays taken and a diagnosis(if needed) is rendered(Neuro-patient 2002). This process was  developed as a result of the advent of microsurgery onto the medical scene. With the new frontier of microsurgery, which allowed a surgeon to work to a finer degree on  the intrinsically detailed internal organs and circulatory systems, it became a necessity to be able to see that which they were working on. At the time, computer models were not  refined enough to give the specific degree of reality which would have been needed. Therefore, it can be said, cerebral angiography was developed. The mother of invention being necessity, in 

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