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    Overview of Food Coloring Additives

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    In five pages food coloring additives are considered in an overview of their origins, uses, and controversy connected with them. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    altering their views rather cyclically regarding the relative healthiness of the lowly egg as a contributor to elevated- serum cholesterol levels. Whatever current wisdom has to say about the  effect of egg-rich diets, egg lovers everywhere love the sight of the bright yellow yolks of a couple of easy-overs served with crusty brown toast.  The Role of Color Even the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admits that the "color of food is an  integral part of our culture and enjoyment of life. Who would deny the mouth-watering appeal of a deep-pink strawberry ice on a hot summer day or a golden Thanksgiving turkey  garnished with fresh green parsley" (Food Color Facts)? It is not only our civilization that has realized that color plays an important role  in the enjoyment of food. Even the Romans used saffron to give foods a yellow color, and yellow color has been added to naturally-white butter since the 14th century  (Food Color Facts). Todays producers are well aware that attractive food also is characterized as tasting better (ODonnell, 1997). Food coloring is an additive, however, and as such  it is regulated by the FDA. The FDA regulates all synthetic food coloring agents approved for use in food, drugs and cosmetics.  If the coloring agent is not fully naturally-occurring, then the FDA regulates its use. Some coloring agents are naturally occurring, however, and as such can be added to any  prepared formulation as nothing more than an ingredient. An example is the anthocyanin of red radishes. There was some question years ago about the safety of red dye 

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