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    In ten pages an historical overview of the National Collegiate Athletic Association is presented with issues including its constitution, enforcement, and academics discussed. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    games for members in various sporting events. In more recent times, womens sports became a part of this organization and came to include championship games as well.  This organization now has in its membership colleges from all over the country who desire the prestigious association. The championship games which the NCAA hosts have become legendary and  sports fans anticipate them greatly. The NCAA is a complex organization and bases its entity on a number of laws and guidelines. All sizes and types of institutions,  from the largest state universities to small private and church-affiliated colleges, make up the NCAA. In fact, there are more than 600 members that do not compete on the so-called  major-college level. History of NCAA "The National Collegiate Athletic Association is the organization through which the nations colleges and universities speak and  act on athletics matters at the national level" (National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2002, See also Athletic Department Affiliates, 2002). This voluntary association consists of more than 1,200 institutions, conferences,  organizations and individuals who devote themselves to the goals of NCAA which is the "sound administration of intercollegiate athletics" (National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2002, See also Athletic Department Affiliates, 2002).  In terms of the scope of NCAA, in 1995-1996 over 323,226 students participated in NCAA-sponsored sporting activities (National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2002).  Currently, the NCAA has over 1,200 member institutions which participate in 21 sports in three divisions for men and women (Information on the NCAA, 2002, See also  Background on the National Collegiate Athletic Association, 2002). There are NCAA championships each year in which over 15,000 men and women participate (Information on the NCAA, 2002). 

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