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    Overview of Queues

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    In three pages this paper presents an overview of queues in a consideration of their necessity and reduction method with the example of a supermarket queue featured. One source is listed in the bibliography.

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    to see why they occur and also how they may be avoided. Queues in the supermarket may be common, however his does not mean that they are liked. If a  supermarket has queues that arte too long the customer may have little choice but to queue and wait for their turn to pay. The impact may not be felt directly,  but the following weeks may see more individuals choose to take their customer to a competitor where queues are shorter. In reduce queues there are several options, this may included  managing the throughput of customers, shifting some of the labour to other processes to reduce the amount of work and delay at this stage, and taking steps such as training  and looking at the equipment itself to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays at this stage. For any facility to have short queues may increase efficiency  (Slack et al, 2000). Where there is a constant throughput the level of production per employee will be higher (Slack et al, 2000). If there are no queues then,  theoretically, too many tills may be open, and wages may be paid where the labour is not used. In other words there is an excess capacity for processing customers. Therefore,  short queues maybe seen as increasing efficiency. However, queues that are too long need to be avoided. In order to avoid queues or keep their length to a minimum there  are several strategies a supermarket may choose. A common tool is to look at the length of the queues, as soon as they reach a set length open new tills.  For some supermarkets they may decided that when at has more than two people queuing a new till will be opened. This seeks to maximise the efficiency, whilst retaining short 

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