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    Overview of the Kansai International Airport

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    In seven pages this paper provides an informational overview of the Kansai International Airport. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    materials used and its physical components. The expansion of the airport, as well as its "sinking" problem, are also issues discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources. SA142KIA.rtf  I. Introduction The Kansai International Airport is seen as a major achievement and asset to Japan. It has created  an area for people to congregate when they travel by air, and one that is away from the crowded cities. In fact, Noriaki Okabe, the architect who was in charge  of the entire project at Pianos office, explains that his teams looked at airports from the standpoint of passengers (Normile, 1991). He explains that in many airports, people lose their  sense of direction, but this was a primary consideration to designers of Kansai(1991). He wanted to make the layout easy to comprehend, and he did this in such a way  so that the travelers would not have to figure out what the signs meant (1991). All aircraft gates had been arranged  along a 4,462-foot-long wing that projected from the ends of the main terminal and passengers would move in straight lines, and were actually carried by people-movers, so they were not  as likely to get lost (1991). In this way, they could easily transfer from domestic to international flights just by going from one floor to another (1991). By many accounts,  this modern airport is easily accessible to passengers. It is also a work of art in respect to architecture. II. Materials  Materials used in the construction process varied, but an important consideration-with respect to materials-had always been related to the land that it was built on. Still, before embarking 

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