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    A 4 page paper. The writer begins by explaining that a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis is the first step in strategic planning. A brief overview of Oxford Health Plans, Inc. is then provided. The SWOT analysis completes the paper. bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    involved in a strategic planning process as must each component of heath care (Zagury, nd). Zagury argues that the foundation of strategic planning is the use of a SWOT analysis  because if the investigators are honest, they will gain insight on the real strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the organization (Zagury, nd). A SWOT analysis can be performed on  the origination as a whole or on any component part of the organization, such as a department (Zagury, nd). The results of the SWOT become the foundation for a strategic  plan (Zagury, nd). Oxford Health Plans, Inc. has its headquarters in Trumbull, Connecticut (Hoovers, 2002). Most of Oxfords 1.6 million members live in the Northeastern part of this country (Hoovers,  2002). Like most health management organizations, Oxford offers a number of different managed care plans; they also have PPOs, HMOs, and Medicare plans (Hoovers, 2002). They provide management services for  employer-funded plans (Hoovers, 2002). The following illustrates a SWOT analysis of Oxford Health Plans, Inc. The SWOT involves the analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats.  Strengths: * Expansion: in 2002, Oxford acquired MedSpan, Inc., which enlarged their membership in Connecticut by more than 7,400 providers who are affiliated with 32 hospitals. MedSpan, Inc., has  51,00 commercial members and 22,000 self-funded, members. The acquisition expanded Oxfords list of providers and opened new networks for the company along with giving Oxford different health plan packages across  the state (Conning Capital Press Releases, 2002). * The regional focus on Oxford offers a competitive advantage over national plans (Conning Capital Press Releases, 2002). * One of the fastest-growing  health care companies in the country (Rogers and Joyner, nd). * Implementation of Systems Access Systems (SAS) for mining data (Rogers and Joyner, nd). Oxford, like other health care companies, 

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