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    This 4-page paper is a review on the book Point Blank, written by Anthony Horowitz.

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    describe the plot summary of the book, the message of the book and what he/she liked best about the book. The plot summary of this book is fairly basic, with  its "man against man" conflict (actually more like "teen-age male against adult man" in this case). The plot concerns young Alex Rider, a teen and an agent for intelligence agency  MI6. Alex is deployed on a mission when it comes to MI6s attention that death has occurred at Point Blanc, which is a boarding school for the rebellious sons of  famous and powerful men. But instead of "curing" the boys in his charge, Dr. Grief, the owner of the school, forms clones of the students, with the intent of sending  them home, delving into the secrets of the powerful men and gaining that power to rule the world. Basically, Alex ends up with three goals: free the boys who have  been imprisoned (to make the clones); destroy the clones before its too late, and to inform the fathers of whats going on. There are a few themes that Horowitz focuses  on in this book, other than the obvious one of good versus evil and man versus man. First one theme to explore could involve the fact that you cant judge  a book by its cover. The boys, when sent to Point Blanc, are bonafide, out of control, juvenile delinquents who suddenly become model students. Such change is somewhat suspicious (and  should give all parents pause). Yet whats intriguing is that none of the fathers seems to find it strange - either the suddenness of the change or the fact that  their former rebellious boys are behaving without a qualm. It takes an outside organization and death to determine that theres a problem here. Even Alex himself and the organization he 

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