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    This 5-page paper presents a proposal for a military researcher on the ground in Afghanistan. The paper includes benefits of such a move, as well as the job description of such a person. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    current Afghanistan situation from a military (Army) point of view. In any persuasive paper, its wise to present the benefits of gathering such information, along with the information itself that  will be gathered. In this case, the request is to research and report/write about the military viewpoint and involvement in areas such  as the Afghanistan National Development System (ANDS), the Afghan Millennium Development Goals (MDG) history of the Taliban and Afghanistan competency. But first,  its important to prove the merit of such work. And well do this by considering both Iraq and Afghanistan. Its been said  by Bush administration critics that lack of knowledge has hampered U.S. efforts to help stabilize the Middle East. If U.S. intelligence had known about everything from insurgents, to cultural mores,  much of the pain and problems that have been experienced in both countries would likely have been a great deal less. From  a literature point of view, Knight et al (1992) point out that, following the first Persian Gulf War, the military was changing from a purely fighting machine into one that  needed to have knowledge of the countries they were trying to work with. In the first Gulf War, in Kuwait, the Coalition Forces succeeded in turning it into an "information  war" (Knight et al, 1992). This was effective because the Coalition knew, ahead of time, where the Iraqi Republican Guards blind spots were (Knight et al, 1992). It was a  different story following the invasion of Iraq, however. It was assumed that following shock and awe, and following booting Saddam Hussein out of office, that the liberators would be greeted 

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