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    A 3 page paper. The book report includes what the word "paideia' means. It also reports the five assumptions of the reform proposal, the five categories of curriculum, the three ways to teach and learn and it discusses which instructional mode is best for which curriculum category. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    the members of the Paideia group. The Greek word, Paideia refers to the upbringing of a child and has often been used in relation to different educational projects. The  initial reform proposal was devised to combat what the authors believed was an overuse of the lecture format in teaching, which had been estimated by John Goodlad at 85  percent of the time in K-12 education. They also believed there was excessive focus placed on covering the material, there was a lack of equality in education and there were  poor conditions for learning because of large class sizes, among other things. Adler believed the schools were undemocratic or even antidemocratic, they were holdovers from the 19th century when  vocational education was the focus. Adler went so far as to say the schools operated as though they were training slaves with this vocation-oriented model. The Paideia Proposal  reflects a system of liberal education to students and it is based on five assumptions: all children can learn; education is never completed, it is lifelong; learning happens when there  is activity in the students mind; there must be variety in teaching and learning approaches; and preparing the student so they can earn a living is not the central purpose  of schooling. Another foundational premise is that individual differences must be considered and those children who arrive at school lacking any of the basics must receive remedial or supplementary  instruction so these deficits can be overcome. Adlers proposal includes separating the curriculum into five categories. These are: language, literature and fine arts; history, geography and social studies; physical  education through the K-12 program, different kinds of practical learning such as sewing, typing, repairing machines, cooking; and a general introduction to the world of work. The author identifies 

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