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    Parent Support And Educational Success / A Research Proposal

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    An 8 page paper that offers a research proposal regarding the title, specifically, does parental involvement enhance the child's school success. The paper provides an introduction with hypothesis, proposed methodology, literature review and conclusions. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    the research base specific data regarding the difference in the school success rates of children whose parent(s) are involved in the educational process as compared to children whose parents are  not involved. The question is: does parental involvement increase student success in school? Thus, the hypothesis is: Students whose parents are involved with the school are more successful than students  whose parents who are not involved. Method Subjects would be matched pairs of students in three grade levels: 2nd; 4th and 6th. Students will be matched for demographics and  intellectual potential. Group A of each grade level would comprise students whose parents are involved in the educational process of their children; Group B of each grade level would comprise  students whose parents are not involved in the educational process of their children A comparison study methodology would be employed, specifically a chi square would be used to analyze the  results. Definitions Too often, parents perceive parental involvement as doing things at or for the school, such as volunteering in their childs classroom. The numbers of working mothers combined  with the numbers of single-parent homes precludes a single working mother from volunteering in the classroom. Therefore, if the parent is unable to perform these kinds of tasks, what other  kinds of activities constitute "parental involvement"? This investigator does not believe a parent needs to volunteer at the school to be involved. Instead, the parent needs to be involved in  the educational process in other ways, such as: * Being available for phone call interactions with the teacher. * _ Attending parent/teacher conferences. * _ Responding to notes the teacher sends home,  as needed. * _ Helping the student with homework. * Attending special events of the childs classroom, such as performances, special mothers/fathers day luncheons, award assemblies and so on. * Reviewing 

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