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    This 4 page paper starts with a table summarizing the main points of the replacement model with particular love, and the acceptance model, or particular love. The paper gives the main points and then discusses the models including the partial replacement model. The paper is based on sources supplied by the student.

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    the evangelical segments of the church * Only salvation is through Jesus Christ * Salvation through Jesus is the only route to salvation and more important that simply being a  Christian. * One religion of Christianity through Jesus is logical * Other religions are so lacking that it is inevitable that Christianity will become the only religion eventually  * The interpretation of the model is a type of religious competition with only one winner. * View proliferated by Karl Barth and adopted by missionaries. *  Those who have not heard of Jesus will be reached in some way through god. * Theology is emphasised over dialogue. * Great literal interpretation of the bible. *  The need to have understanding and respect the good will in other religions, but there is nothing to relate to; no points of contact. * A more  modern approach * Finds more support with the World Council of Churches (WCC) * Is represented more in the Catholic and protestant churches. * Dialogue has an important  role to play * However, dialogue is also limited in terms of value. * Other religions may lay the path for acceptance of the gospels giving other religious some  value and points of contact. * Theology is important, but underplayed in dialogue. * Discrepancies and clashes needs to be resolved with dialogue before theology * Closer to  the acceptance model. * Application of Francis Clooneys idea of deferral of truth until more is understood. These are to two major schools of thought, which although they  have many similarities also have difference. It is believed that the evangelical churches members which look to the particular model, make up between 25% - 40% of the US 

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