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    Phenomenal Women in Literature

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    In five pages this paper examines how phenomenal women themes have been developed by a variety of female authors throughout recent literary history. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    The topic "phenomenal women" could take the writer on any multitude of directions. There are, in fact, phenomenal  women in practically all of our lives. For the writer the most important of these women have been my own family members as they played a direct role into  forming me into who I am today. Also important, however, have been the women who impacted my thoughts and development in more indirect ways. Women authors have been  particularly instrumental in this indirect sculpting. Writers like Andrienne Rich, Joyce Carol Oates, Marge Piercy, Maya Angelou, Linda Paston, and Susan Glaspell have all occupied my mind at one  time or another just as they have occupied the minds of women all over the world. No one can contest that they are, indeed, phenomenal women.  Literature can open many windows of insight into our own experiences. Sometimes a passage is relevant only to the moment in which you  read it but sometimes that same passage can bring to mind memories which have been buried deeply in the readers past. Such is the case, in my experiences in  reading the authors noted above. No one can contest the fact that these women have indeed been instrumental in shaping the face of the world as we know it.  This is particularly true in regard to the insight which they have provided in regard to a womans role in this world as it relates with men. Each  shows a uniqueness which sets her apart from other writers of her time but simultaneously we can witness a definite similarity in attitudes among these women towards literature and 

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