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    Plan B/Political Issues & Emergency Contraception

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    A 6 page research paper that consists of a 1 page proposal for the research paper and then a 5 page paper that describes the political issues that characterize the debate over the use of Plan B, a form of emergency contraception. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    personal moral/religious beliefs. This article discusses key issues that indicate the points in common law that pharmacists are not compelled by "common law duties" to dispense Plan B, as well  as plausible counterarguments (Spreng, 2008, p. 215). As this suggests, the issues involved in this national debate are extremely complex. Therefore, the proposed essay/research paper will explore this issue,  drawing this and other sources, in order to discuss Plan B in more detail; the position of pharmacists; and the legal status of Plan B as it applies to use  by adolescents, member of the military and women in other countries. This paper will explore the health issues involved and their implications in regards to Plan B, with a particular  focus on the sociological and geographical factors. For example, this investigation of the controversy will explore that sources state in reference to access to Plan B and how such access  might differ between rural and urban location, as well as between socioeconomic classes. The demographic facts that sources reveal about Plan B will be discussed also in references to statistics  on the incidence of abortion. Plan B/Political Issues & Emergency Contraception Emergency contraception (EC) is a hormonal medication designed to prevent unintended pregnancy resulting from unprotected sex or when  a birth control method is believed to have failed (Chung-Park, 2008). There are several types of EC available in the US, but the mostly commonly prescribed EC is Plan B,  a progestin-only formulation; however, a combination pill of estrogen and progestin can be used as EC (Clements and Daley, 2006). In total the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has  approved 13 types of EC, but Plan B is the most effective and typically has fewer side effects (Clements and Daley, 2006). Women have safely used the various forms of 

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