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    Planning And Administration Of Infraestructural Vial In Puerto Rico

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    This 3 page paper is a proposal to conduct a study on the entitled topic. More specifically, the issue is the overcrowding of highways and roads and the need for change. Specific questions answered in this essay include: the purpose of the study, the theoretical foundation, the research questions, how research will be conducted and the beginning source material. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    studied is the environmental impact of the overcrowding of highways, expressways, and other roads on the island. This information will lead to investigating solutions to reduce the negative impact on  the environment. Alternatives would be developed that would include costs of constructing and maintaining an infrastructure that would be environmentally-friendly. 2. What is your working title? The working title  is: "The Planning And Administration Of Infraestructural Vial In Puerto Rico." 3. What is the theoretical foundation for your work? As Puerto Rico has become more industrial, it has also  become more populous leading to significantly more motor vehicles on the roads. This has led to pollution that is alters the environment and changes our way of life. Other countries,  large and small, have taken steps to reduce the type of pollution caused by motor vehicles. It is imperative that Puerto Rico takes steps in the near future to improve  the environment. As His Excellency Miguel Soto Lacourt said, there is a delicate balance between the economic growth in a society and safeguarding health and the environment (2002). He went  on to say that we have the technology and the knowledge, what we need is the will to take these steps (Lacourt, 2002). Finally, His Excellency said, part: "Puerto Rico  finds itself today in a crucial turning point. Either it continues to increase pollution . . . ." (2002). 4. What is your research question (or questions)? The research questions  are: * What data are available to demonstrate the environmental changes in the last five to ten years that can be attributed to traffic? How many km of highways and  expressways are there and how many motor vehicles travel those roads daily? * What impact will the Tren Urbano have in terms of reducing traffic on roads? This heavy rail 

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