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    This 10 page paper considers the position of a company seeking to develop a 0.5 acre to operate a textile coating process using a flammable solvent result in polluting waste. Waste outputs will pass through an incinerator and then pass through a catalytic converter. The location is the site of a derelict Victorian house. The paper considers the potential for the project to gain planning permission and an operating licence. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    a flammable solvent but will also result in polluting outputs, some of which will pass through an incinerator and then a catalytic converter and other pollutants will be disposed of  via a specialist contractor. The location is the site of a derelict Victorian house. There are two concerns, the ability to gain planning permission and the ability to gain a  licence to operate. The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 section 54A was inserted under the Planning and Compensation Act 1991 has the requirement that any planning decision which  are made will be made with reference to the local development plan, unless there are major indicators to the contrary. The difficulty that the company may face here is that  the site may be read for development and in line with the plans for the way that derelict sites should be regenerated. However, it former use was a house and  as such we are not told what type of area this is to be located in. If the area is residential then it is more likely that the development my  not be in line with the local plans. Under Section 54A there is the enhancement of the need for participatory planning processes as seen under PPG12. It is also  likely that a facility where there is the use of flammable materials and a waste output with an incinerator is going to have many objections and will impact on the  local environment. When there is the decision to be made regarding the granting of planning permission in a rural or a residential area the planning authority need to take into  account the impact on the locality as well as consider the potential of any intensification that may follow in the area as if there is the granting of unconditional planning 

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