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    Planning an Attack on Organized Crime

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    In a paper of five pages a hypothetical way of tackling organized crime in America is discussed with the inclusion of the background of organized crime along with criminal theory with a solution and its practical implications proposed. There are three bibliographic sources cited.

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    organized crime. The president requests a blueprint plan on how to resolve the problems associated with organized crime, and is looking for a variety of proposals. In embarking on this  journey, the individual with this unique responsibility should explore the causes and consequences of organized crime in society. First, the consequences of organized crime are well known. People see  those involved murdered around them. The typical mob hit is something that many are familiar with. While that is the case, people have been endeared to the likes of these  criminals as they are notoriously polite and protect their own neighborhoods. HBOs The Sopranos series in part has been responsible for the phenomenon where people are not necessarily afraid of  these criminals who usually only shoot each other. It is perhaps easier to look at the consequences of organized crime which includes not only the witnessing of murder, but the  creation of a black market economy, than to find solutions. Organized crime is something that hurts the general economy. However, while the many consequences of organized crime are obvious, the  causes are less so. First, it should be noted that organized crime businesses are called families. Largely, relatives do work together but more importantly, there is a great bond between  the men who run these "families." Once a male is born into one, the chances are great that the young man will grow up to become a part of the  organized crime ring. In exploring theories of deviance, the one that best explains the phenomenon is Sutherlands differential association. Unlike control theories, differential association is a concept that explains  crime as an aberration. It is something contagious, like a disease. Criminologist Edwin H. Sutherland first proposed his theory of differential association in 1939; the theory states that criminal behavior 

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