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    Planning for Challenges at BA

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    This 12 page paper examined British Airways. Looks at the challenges it faced in terms of the internal and external environment, focusing on the foreseen challenges up until the year 2015 and suggesting potential changes and strategies to cope with the changes. The paper includes a PEST and a SWOT analysis. The bibliography cites 18 sources.

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    airline was intending charging the crew for water on flights (Moyes, 2008). However, the airline is generally perceived as being successful, changing from its former inefficient service with a poor  reputation to an airline that is generally seen as a global leader. However, the firm is facing a number of challenges, some from within the firms, others from external forces  outside the company. To consider the changes that may be faced a PEST analysis will be useful. There are a number of political influences are likely to impact  on the aviation industry over the next 5 years. There has been a general trend toward increased liberalization of trade, which imp[cts directly as there have been fewer restrictions placed  on air routes, as well as increasing the demand for intentional travel as general trade levels between countries increase. One area where this can be seen is the level  of travel that is taking place between the west and the Middle East. Local trade policies and the aim of many Middle east governments to diversify their economies is seeing  increased levels of trade taking place, and the demand for air travel to, and within, the Middle East is excepted to increase in the long term (Gulf Daily News, 2009).  Other areas are seeing other political changes which are also impacting demand for air travel, increased freedom of travel into and with China, even at a time where most areas  are seeing a decline, during 2009, china is still seeing growth (Business Daily Update, 2009). The free trade regulations within the EU and the opening up of general trade  barriers, along with increased membership with the EU now consisting of 27 member states, indicate that there are likely to be more domestic markets opening up in all areas, including 

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