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    A 5 page research paper on the play "The Rope" by the ancient Roman playwright Plautus. This research covers various topics that provide a summation of the play and consider aspects of the play. In other words, the research is not in essay form. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    it is known that this Roman dramatist lived roughly between 254 and 184 BC (Plautus, Comptons). His works are largely adapted from Greek plays, but they helped to establish a  truly Roman drama in the Latin language (Plautus, Comptons). Casting considerations The cast is quite large and the Roman names would make it difficult for a modern day audience  to keep track of characters and remember who is whose servant, father, master, etc. Furthermore, as one of the characters is a constellation (Arcturus) this would require some creative costuming.  Character relationships Daemones is father to Palaestra. Plesidippus is a young Athenian man in love with Palaestra. Sceparnio is servant to Daemones. Gripus is another servant of  Daemones. Trachalio is the servant of Plesidippus Labrax is the Procurer and master of Palaestra and Ampelisca. Ampelisca is Palaestras attendant. Unique factors The impetus for the action  is that Labrax does not keep his word in making a bargain with Plesidippus, which angers Arcturus, who intercedes on behalf of the young man. Protagonists Protagonists are  Daemones and Plesidippus. Antagonists The antagonist is principally Labrax. Opening stasis Arcturus, a constellation, introduces the play and narrative the prologue (Harris). This entity introduces, Daemones, an elderly  Athenian who has retired to the seashore near Cyrene, near the Temple of Venus (Plautus, T.M.). Labrax is a Procurer (Rudens). However, Harris uses the modern vernacular and refers to  Labrax as "pimp." Labrax purposes two girls, Palaestra and Ampelisca and also comes to live in Cyrene. Plesidippus, a young Athenian, sees Palaestra and falls in love and gives  Labrax a sum in payment for her, at which time, Labrax suggests that the young man should make a sacrifice in the Temple of Venus (Plautus, T.M.). Labrax has a 

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