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    Police & Community / Crime Prevention In The Inner-City

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    A 6 page proposal to incorporate the efforts of citizens and police to fight crime in a Northeastern drug-infested city. Anti-parole programs, stricter truancy policies, cooperation with homelessness assistance agencies, etc; are among the many ideas explained. The emphasis in this paper is that making arrests is not nearly as important as preventing crime from ever happening. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    effective in cities all over the country;: police officers and interested residents shall be intentionally "teamed up" from a sociopolitical perspective. According to the  inherent guidelines of such a plan, the Elizabeth Police Department must stop looking at crime as something where officers arrest somebody and put them in jail. Rather, an adamant  commencement must be provided for the police department to begin to look at overall efficiency. A concentration of common-sense approaches aimed at preventing crime are ample enough to keep  would-be offenders off the street. II. Implementation of Steps to Success Essentially, six steps must be taken in this city of just over one  hundred thousand: -2- *An anti-parole program: Elizabeth must have at least one police officer whose duty is to monitor parole  hearings. Each time that felons convicted of a burglary or violent crime come up for parole, officers must go to the County Court House to urge their continued  incarceration. As an example of such a programs evident effectiveness, Charleston, South Carolina, maintained a 93 percent parole denial in 1993 after implementing a similar program. (Lazear, 1994).  As a direct result, the likelihood of repeat offenders is greatly lessened and similarly, so is the citys crime rate. In my  particular example, I recommend the utilization of some type of incentive to compel officers to attend parole hearings. Since the program is aimed at lowering crime, it is in  accordance with the desires of the community and therefore simple, positive media coverage shall be sufficient to acquire their endorsement. Through a better process 

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