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    Political Power, Which Leader Holds the Most Power, the British Prime Minister of the US President?

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    This 5 page paper compares the position of President in the US and Prime Minister in order to consider which has the greatest power. International power and internal power structures are considered, with examples such as the power to declare war, before a conclusion is reached. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

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    the Unitized States President and the United Kingdom Prime Ministers. Both of these leaders will often work together, with common aims. However, it is often assumed that due to the  power structures within each country the United States President is the more powerful of these two allies. This is not always the case. To consider which of these leaders is  the more powerful there needs to be a comprehensive examination of both of these positions. The United States is undoubtedly the most powerful  nation. Therefore, the head of that nation may be seen as a very powerful man. President Bush, as president of the most powerful nation the level of influence was shown  in the days and weeks following September the Eleventh and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre. President Bush declared that those who were not with him were against  him. There was international almost totally unilateral support, even from Arab States where opposition may have been expected. This was a very clear demonstration of power. This has also been  demonstrated with the threats of military strikes on Iraq if weapons inspectors were not allowed to re-enter the country. They had been absent, in contravention to the United Nations resolutions  for several years. Here, the threats from the US resulted in a climb down, and may be seen as an indication of the same level of power. This time there  has not be the same level of support, but the results indicate a high level of power. In the international arena the US  president may be seen as very powerful, he wealds the power of the strongest nation and is also, under the constitution the he is also the "commander in chief of 

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