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    Population Control - China Vs United States

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    A 10 page paper. China is the most populated country in the world, the United States is the 3rd most populated. This essay discusses the population control policies in China and why Chinese officials believe these policies are needed for the country. The essay also comments on reports by special committees in the U.S. during the 1970s that made some rather strange proposals for controlling the population growth in this country. U.S. foreign aid policies and those from international aid institutions are discussed. These may have been influential in the Chinese government implementing their one-child policy. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    a national issue. The U.S. has no policies regarding population control. As for the comparison between women of each country, we have to comment about birth control methods. This all  means we have to look at sources for each country individually and draw any comparison from those. We also have to begin with a foundation that might explain why China  has the policies they have.] The three most populous countries in the world are China with 1,286,975,468 (CIA, China, 2003), India with 1,049,700,118 (CIA, India, 2003), and the United  States with 290,342,554 (CIA, United States, 2003). The total area for the continental United States is 9,629,091 sq. km (CIA, United States, 2003), the total area for China is 9,596,960  sq. km (CIA, China, 2003), The land mass is slightly less in the United States, 9,158,960 sq. km to Chinas 9,326,410 sq. km (CIA, China, 2003). Population growth rate in  the U.S. is 0.92 percent with 14.14 births per year and 8.4 deaths per year per every 1,000 people (CIA, United States, 2003); the growth rate for China is 0.6  percent with 12.96 births and 6.74 deaths per every 1,000 people (CIA, China, 2003). The importance of these data have to do with the density of population in each country  and how the rate of growth affects that density. Is the density so great that the state should control population growth through laws and policies? while the land mass is  similar between the two countries, the population is China is far more, which means density is much greater in China than in the U.S. China has a longstanding one-child policy.  In fact, it is more than a policy, it is the law. The policy actually allows families in some but not all rural areas to have two children but those 

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