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    Power; The Nation State and the Influence of OPEC

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    This 16 page paper considers what it meant by power, how it manifests and the root causes of power. By examining how power is seen in nation states the same principles can be applied to OPEC. OPEC is then examined for how it can be seen as holding power and the way it uses that power. It is argued that in using the power it holds OPEC has also undermined its’ credibility as well as long term power. The paper then considers how power was lost and regained and the role of OPEC in a New World order’. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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    may compete to gain the upper hand. The world today is seen as a hegemony, with the US seen as the most powerful state. Power is a strange tool, it  is often most effective when not used. In considering the way that power manifests both in the nation state and in organisations the consideration of one of the more established  and powerful organisations may be considered; OPEC. In recent historical events the use of power has been seen with the pursuance of the Second Gulf War. The majority of  countries were against the war, including the United Nations, but the United States had both he economic and military might to fight the war without that support. This is one  type of power. However, this is also a type of power that is used infrequently, and also one that is relied upon not only by the nation state but by  organisation such as the United Nations. The aspect of power may be seen to manifest in the use of resources to pursue ends, such as the war, but to  fund these there is the need for a strong economic background, otherwise the wars could not be fought. Real power may be seen as having its routes in economic rather  than military force. It is the power of trade embargos that have aided in seeking to enforce compliance by nation state who do not comply with intentional law. Trade barriers  with the use of tariffs and quotas have a power that impacts another countries economy and as such has a large knock on effect., In terms of the power of  a nation state one only has to consider the world economy when the US saw a downturn in 2000, the rest of the world, with few exceptions, followed suit, due 

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