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    Power in Correspondence Relationships

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    This 4 page paper discusses the aspect of power in the correspondence relationships between Western men and Eastern women they are seeking as potential marriage partners. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    its main source. Discussion Nicole Constables book Romance on a Global Stage discusses the phenomenon of what is often called "mail-order brides," and not as a compliment. Constable is talking  about American men who get on the Internet and chat with Asian women, often Chinese and Filipina, in order to arrange a marriage. The perception of such people is that  the men are angry with American women who are too assertive and independent and are seeking meek, submissive Oriental wives who will cater to their every whim (Constable, ). The  stereotypical Asian woman in this scenario is a downtrodden "lotus blossom" who will do anything to get out of her home country and into the U.S. where she will have  greater opportunities and where she may or may not remain with her hapless spouse (Constable ). Both of these stereotypes are just that, stereotypes, and although they may characterize a  few of the men and women involved in these relationships, they are by no means an accurate picture of this type of dating. Power in this type of relationship also  suffers from stereotypical thinking. Feminists have, not without reason, suggested that in any male/female relationship, the power lies with the man, because society itself is set up to favor men.  There is nothing new in this and to a large extent its true. Women still earn significantly less than men and perhaps even more damaging, society keeps insisting that women  who focus on careers are somehow not feminine. A single woman, even one with a high-paying job and great career potential is pitied because she does not have a man  in her life. Therefore, these relationships are seen as potentially abusive on the part of the men who want a submissive slave; they also tend to cast the women as 

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