• President Bush's Administration

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    4 pages in length. The writer briefly discusses issues pertaining to the 2003-2004 budget, various proposals and who supports/opposes them, terrorism, war and mass media impact. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    the growth in federal spending and addresses the long-term fiscal challenge presented by Medicare and Social Securitys unfunded promises,"1 it also works toward achieving many of the nations objectives concerning  domestic and international goals. The extent to which Bush is supported by his own party in some of his proposals and be found  in the following plans: Amnesty, racism and overhauling the Immigration and Naturalization Service, all of which are undeniably associated with maintaining the minority vote. Bush, who touts himself as  "a different kind of Republican,"2 has his partys backing when it comes to such important social concerns that past presidential administrations have blatantly overlooked. Inasmuch as minorities and Hispanics  have "historically voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates,"3 Bush has made it a priority to demonstrate that Republicans can be just as - or even more - sympathetic to their plight  by proposing viable solutions. The Democratic response has been one of disbelief, in that Bush has been so successful in turning the heads of those voters who have otherwise  followed the Jeffersonian camp. "...Republicans may not achieve a massive conversion of Latinos via the immigrant amnesty issue, but acting on such key issues of concern to the community  certainly would not hurt them and could even reap modest gains by taking advantage of strongly held Latino beliefs."4 Bushs line of attack has long been one of  harassing the existing tax situation, being overtly committed to significantly lowering such monetary obligations as a means by which to "spur economic growth,"5 an issue that is worthy of support  due to its being foremost on every Americans mind during this time of war and terrorism. Indeed, the defense budget increase is wholly warranted given our present foreign policy 

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