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    Problems of Home Care Workers

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    In five pages this paper examines home care workers and the problems they face with solutions offered regarding financial assistance, networking, and increased support. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    There are a number of issues regarding the way in which  home care structures are changing and developing which could be seen to contribute to the increased stress and pressure which home care workers are suffering. For example, it has traditionally  been the case that the majority of home carers are drawn from the patients own family, and in most cases the carers are female. This has obviously resulted in some  level of stress for the carers, since they are obliged to add extra duties to their existing domestic responsibilities, and frequently to try and combine these with work outside the  home as well. As a result, the carers  personal health and economic well-being may suffer as a result from trying to integrate all these different facets of their responsibilities. In families where there is no other wage-earner, this  will also have an impact on the budget for welfare payments, since such funding must come out of the public purse in the same way that funding for professional care  workers would have done. However, it is difficult  to see how this burden can be alleviated when in most areas there is an increased emphasis on home and community care. Institutions such as hospitals aim to provide short-stay  care whenever possible, in order to free up resources for other patients, and therefore their objective is to transfer patients to home care as soon as this is reasonably possible. 

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