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    Process of Benthic Pelagic Coupling

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    In thirty pages the benthic pelagic coupling is discussed in terms of a Mediterranean Bay environmental consideration. Sixty sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    because of the shallowness of a bay, there are special attributes which must be discussed as they are particular to this type of body of water.  Furthermore, there are other considerations which are specific to a Mediterranean bay - such as the particular ecosystem, the benthic life in that area, factors  such as pollution or other human interaction, and much more. Indeed, every marine ecosystem has its own particular specifics which contribute to a different community from all others.  And still, there are many main characteristics which remain the same. In this way, we are able to study benthic-pelagic  coupling as a process prior to applying the specifics of a Mediterranean bay. There are common characteristics which mark this process and make it becomes identifiable through there markers.  Benthi-pelagic coupling is indeed a complex issue. On the surface, it is the coupling of bethic (bottom) life with pelagic (water column) conditions. And yet, there  are so many factors which affect this process that it understandably becomes quite complex on further inspection. Therefore, it is important to understand the process of benthic-pelagic coupling  in general as well as understand some of the specifics related to the waters of a shallow bay. The specifics in relation to the shallow waters of a bay  will be included throughout this study of benthic-pelagic coupling. There is much to learn about benthic-pelagic coupling and its impact on the waters of the world. As  more study is done on this subject there is no doubt much more knowledge to be revealed. This subject is important - especially at a time in history when 

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