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    Projections on the Impact Seoul Korea Will Have in Hosting the 2002 World Cup

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    Seoul's hosting of the 2002 World Cup will result in tremendous demographic, political, environmental, and economic impacts. This seven page paper explains the how and why of those impacts. Four sources.

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    event like that is going to bring. Seoul Korea will be impacted in many ways including politically, economically, environmentally, and more. This paper explains how and why an  event such as the 2002 World Cup can have an immediate and significant influence on any city. SEOUL, KOREA Because of the expected influx of up to 3.2 million  spectators attending the 2002 World Cup in Seoul Korea, this "global celebration" (Seoul Now 2002, PG) will no doubt make Seoul an "international hub city" (2002, PG) this century.  More than 42 billion viewers are expected to be watching the games as well, and Seoul has taken this opportunity to gain from the sudden and widespread influence this important  event will have on their city. According to the Seoul Development Institute in a July 2001 statement, the economic impact expected in Seoul could be upwards of "2.78 billion dollars  in economic development, 1.58 million dollars in value-added, and employment for 87,000 people" (Seoul Now 2002, PG). There is no doubt that this opportunity is being taken advantage of  by Seoul as it would be in any city hosting such a prestigious event. Ever since China joined the World Trade Organization the economy has opened up like never  before. Because the "Chinese teams match will be held in Korea, it will add to the hanliu or Korea wave in China" (Seoul Now 2002, PG). BRINGING THE  PEOPLE TOGETHER One way in which the 2002 World Cup will help Seoul is in bringing together people of all nations onto one soil. This competition brings together countries  from all over the world in a way to promote healthy competition and friendly spirit to fellow countries. It is expected that these games will help to advance the 

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