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    Proposal: Podiatry Practice Patient Satisfaction

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    An 18 page paper that presents a project proposal. A partnership has dissolved leaving the sole podiatrist in the position of having to rebuild the business. The sections of the paper include: the statement of the problem, the significance of the problem, the purpose of the project, literature review and methodology. This practice will begin with a patient satisfaction survey for the purpose of increasing patient satisfaction. The literature survey includes information on the parts of the foot, the stress feet experience every day, the wonder of the function of the foot and what makes the human foot different. The importance of healthy feet and the practice of podiatry and how people abuse and mistreat their feet are also discussed. The incidence of different types of foot health problems is included. The importance of patient satisfaction is explored. Other related data are included. One appendix included, which presents the patient satisfaction survey. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    be critical to the success of any medical practitioner. For this reason, the sole practitioner has developed a plan to measure and use patient satisfaction surveys. Significance of the  Problem This project is for the express purpose of measuring patient satisfaction for the purpose of retaining existing patients and attracting new ones. If this office does not take immediate  steps to build the practice, it will not survive. Partnership breakups in the health industry often leave the consumer thinking there is something wrong. This assumption needs to be mitigated  through a number of actions. A marketing plan and publicist, for instance, are two such steps that need to be taken (Caruso, 2002). Caruso asserted that "Promotion, through advertising and  public relations efforts, is a way to enhance your brand image, and if you dont think of your practice as a brand, you need to start thinking that way" (2002,  p. 69). As an example of the importance of these steps, one podiatrist in Texas opened an office "cold", i.e., with no patients and within one year, she was adding  10 to 14 new patients each month (Caruso, 2002). She hired an advertising agency to get the publicity she needed (Caruso, 2002). Another technique to use is  to measure the degree of satisfaction among ones patients. This is the first step that will be taken for this particular office. Purpose of Study The purpose of this  study is to measure the degree of patient satisfaction for this specific podiatry practice. The extended purpose is to make changes that may be needed to increase patient satisfaction.  Review of Literature As podiatrists are prone to say, the foot is "ridiculed, taunted and cursed. It is forced to live constantly in dark, cramped quarters, gasping for air, covered 

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