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    Proposal for a New Security Model Using Integrated Circuit Card Embedded with User’s Biometrics

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    This 16 page paper proposed a new security system using biometric data embedded in a card. Following an introduction a literature review looking at relevant areas of technology is undertaken and the results are sued to suggest a new security system that can be attached and work with other security measures, such as the metal detectors at the entrance at buildings. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

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    Future Developments 11 2.2 BIOMETRIC DATA 12 2.2.1 Types of Biometric Data 12 2.2.2 Collection and Use of Biometric Data 13 2.2.3 Fingerprints 14 2.3 SUPPORTING TECHNOLOGY 15 3. NEW SYSTEM PROPOSAL 16 4. CONCLUSION 18 Table of Figures FIGURE 1 CONTACT SMART CARD 6  FIGURE 2 A CONTACTLESS SMART CARD 6 FIGURE 3 THE AUTHENTICATION PROCESS 8 1. Introduction For entrance into secure locations there is the need to ensure only those who are authorised gain  entry. The uses of different security approaches have been adopted. However, the systems need to change and be updated, and new system need to be developed and proposed in order  to meet changing needs, to remain secure and also meet the needs of modern organizations, including ease of use and convenience as well as security. The aim of this paper  is to present a new model for a security system based on existing technology and the use of a card with embedded technology. 1.1 Background  As technology has developed there has been an increasing level of focus on issues concerning security. Traditionally, identification (ID) used for security purposes has been officially issued ID,  preferably with a photography so that the person requesting the identification is able to compare the photograph of in the identification document to the appearance of the person standing in  from of them. Over time the change in what is and is not accepted as identifying and the accompanying security has changed and adapted in line with new technology. For  example, Passports started out as documents with a photograph that was stuck onto the document and then an officinal stamp was placed over the image. This has moved on, from  the scanning and reprinting of the photograph to the inclusion of barcodes and now many countries are issues passports with biometric data (The Engineer, 2004). Even Disneyworld is using biometrics 

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