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    REBT in Forensic Setting

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    An 18 page literature review that surveys articles on applications of rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) within a forensic setting. The writer outlines the purposes of the survey, methodology employed and summarizes and comments on the articles surveyed, indicating areas for future research. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    "create a large part of their emotional disturbances and also have the ability to uncreate them" (Ellis, 1996, p. 69). As this suggests, REBT is a theory of personality and  framework for clinical practice that emphasizes emotional health and self-actualization for individuals and the social groups in which they live, by focusing on unconditional self-acceptance combined with scientific flexibility (Ellis,  1996). One of the many applications for REBT is within the framework of forensics. Kopec (1995) states that "REBT is an effective therapy to use" within a forensic setting because  it "deals with practical problems in the here and now," providing solutions that the can inmate can learn and coping mechanisms that they can incorporate into their lives (p. 250).  As this suggests, this particular branch of cognitive behavior therapy was chosen as the topic for this literature review because of its extreme practicality and adaptability to the needs, not  only of inmates, but also of law enforcement officers themselves. The aim of this literature review is to explore the uses of REBT within the realm of a forensic  setting, that is, within the framework provided by law enforcement, in general. REBT has proven to be an extremely adaptable and pragmatic form of therapy, aiding people by showing them  how to change their lives on a basic level by changing their thinking, primarily by changing the way they react to stress situations. No realm of society is more stressful  than law enforcement, both for the officers and the incarcerated. Therefore, it seems reasonable that the literature reviewed will indicate where REBT is utilized and also suggest possible areas for  expansion of this tool for the future. Methodological information The criteria established for this review was that all articles should come from peer-reviewed, reputable sources, such as professional 

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