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    This paper examines and analyzes BBC journalist Mark Tully's book that attempts to define who Jesus Christ was in terms of his divinity. The review points out that Tully's work points out that Jesus was human, whose actions made him divine. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    fringe Jewish sect that was destined to become a worldwide religion, questions about who, exactly, Jesus Christ was, have abounded. While the New Testament describes him unequivocally as the Son  of God, religious scholars see him in a different light; some describing him as a religious rebel who was weary of the old traditions of the Jewish faith; while others  described him as a self-styled leader whose charismatic ways attracted a motley assortment of followers. British journalist Mark Tully, in his book, Four Faces: A Journey in Search of Jesus  the Divine jumps into the fray by attempting to answer the question of who, exactly, Joshua/Jesus was - a man, a rebel or a god? Because Tully is a journalist,  rather than a scholar, he has come up with a book that is easy to read, even if it doesnt put forth a definitive answer in its final pages about  who, exactly, Christ is. His conclusion, in fact, is that Christ was a multi-layered individual; at the one end an extraordinarily wise sage and teacher, and at the other end,  a rebel against an insulated narrow religion that he believed was more for the priests than it was for the people. The fact that Jesus showed up during the time  that he did - when the masses desperately needed a "human" religion to cling to - was something that helped boost Jesus to "divine" status.  Tullys text is actually based on a four-part series he produced for BBC television that concerned the authentic meaning of Jesus, and who Jesus really was (Cunningham,  1998). In performing his research on the documentary series, Tully traveled to India, as well as the Holy Land, where he spent time with Dominican Jerome Murphy OConnor, Rabbi David 

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