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    Racism and On Being White, Female and Living in Bensonhurst by Marianna Torgovnick

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    This Marianna Torgovnick essay is the focus of a paper consisting of five pages in which the racism of a small town might have led to a black youth's murder. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Daughter, the main thrust of the one essay involved both her own experiences in "crossing" Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn to marry Stu Torgovnick, a Jew from Brooklyns Sheepshead Bay, and  that of the racially-motivated murder of African-American Yusef Hawkins. In her own situation, Torgovnick no doubt felt her own "racial" tensions - as a "good" Italian girl, she no doubt  received a great deal of criticism from her family in marrying outside of the faith. By the same token, she probably received the same criticism - albeit in silent form  - from her thoroughly Jewish in-laws. Still, Torgovnick relies on the story of Hawkins murder to demonstrate her own situation, which is, at best, a somewhat tenuous connection between the  violent slaying of a black youth. Torgovnick, herself a professor of English at Duke University, was raised in Bensonhurst which was, at  the time, very heavily Italian-American, with its own cultures, traditions and biases (Review -- Crossing Ocean Parkway/Readings by an Italian American Daughter, 1994). She uses the murder of Hawkins to  demonstrate her own roots (Review -- Crossing Ocean Parkway/Readings by an Italian American Daughter, 1994). She also attempts to explain the killing of a black youth on those same streets  - almost justifying it, to an extent (Mancuso, 2002). She attempts to explain the racism as going back to the machismo of Italian-American culture: "The crudely protective men, expecting to  see a black arriving at the girls house and overreacting; the rebellious girl dating the outsider boy, the black dead as a sacrifice to the feelings of the neighborhood," as  James C. Mancuso notes in his review about her book (Mancuso, 2002). No doubt Torgovnick had related to the "girl dating the outsider boy," in fact, the girl was likely 

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