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    Rape as a Crime of Power and Shame Towards Women

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    This 15 page paper looks at the crime of rape and helps to define it. The legal system as a part of the process is discussed. Power and shame are discussed in different sections. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    are biological or social constructions. While some might think it impossible to rape a man, that is certainly not the case. Obviously, penetration can result in a variety of ways  in respect to a number of bodily orifices. Further, the definition of rape has expanded in recent years. That said, the National Centre for Victims of Crime report that about  3% of American men had been raped at some time in their lives ("Male Rape," 2008). Other statistics compare the rape of males and females in the United States. According  to Mackay (2001), one in six women or one in 33 men will experience either an attempted or completed rape in their lifetimes. Whether or not the victim is a  male or female, rape takes its toll on victims. Yet, rape is a crime against women for the most part due to the male anatomy, social convention, and the fact  that many more women than men are raped. While men are raped, and that matters too, in discussing rape as a crime of power and shame, it does become a  gender related experience. Often, male victims are victims of other men. In discussing issues of sexuality, rape often comes up in the context of the female victim. In discussing  the issue, it makes sense to address this in that context. Rape does scar women for life, leaving them feeling vulnerable and frightened. A rape can leave women  afraid-dependent on the circumstances-and traumatized for quite some time. Such women may no longer enjoy normal sexual relations with other men. They feel violated. Often, women are helped by counseling,  but that is after the fact. There is little anyone can do to prevent a rape, other than making sure that one is not alone in a dangerous neighborhood. However, 

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