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    Religion vs. Science

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    A 7 page argumentative paper which examines whether or not there is a God, considering if science disproves this concept by providing any relevant examples while also offering supportive evidence that the religious contention of God is also valid. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    image" (1:1, 1:27). According to this religious theory of creation, God miraculously created the universe in six days, and designated the seventh as a much-deserved day of rest.  After hundreds of years of scientific inquiry and countless technological advancements, the Creationist story is regarded by many sophisticated contemporary thinkers as just that - a story with no possible  basis in fact. According to them, man is a product of evolution and the world he lives in is a construct of science. Nevertheless, since there has never  seemed to be any type of consensus as to how the cosmos came into being, the conflict rages on in an effort to answer that ever-elusive question, "Is there a  God?" Theologians through the centuries have contended that there is clear-cut evidence that God exists. St. Thomas Aquinas attempted to prove the existence of God in his treatise, Summa  Theologica. His proof is based on five specific criteria, which have since become known as the "First Cause" cosmological argument (Titus and Smith 242). Aquinas asserted that life  is the result of one cause prompting the occurrence of an event, which becomes the cause of a subsequent event and so on through infinity. However, at some point,  there had to be a first cause, which set these wheels into motion, which is the being commonly referred to as God (Titus and Smith 242). In the First  Way, Aquinas established that everything which is finite undergoes change, and by following these successive changes, finite man is eventually led to God. Until this happens, finite objects cannot  be changed. Aquinas Second Way is based upon the theory of causality, which is a detailed explanation of how the first cause is the only explanation for continual "cause 

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