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    In five pages this paper examines how the concepts of the Renaissance paved the way for contemporary ideas. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    ideas that we hold today. Bibliography lists 5 sources. BBrentht.doc NEW THOUGHT AND IDEAS OF THE RENAISSANCE Written by B. Bryan Babcock for the Paperstore, Inc.,  December 2000 Introduction Historically the Renaissance connects the middle ages and the modern times; it is that time period from about 1350 to 1650. The ideas  and accomplishments of that period were amazing, and still remain astounding when we stop to consider them, for they provided the building blocks of some of the ideas that we  hold today. The Realm of Ideas Prior to the Renaissance man was not much higher than the beast of the fields. His place in the scheme of things was  endurance; he lived unquestioningly. He would find his reward in heaven after death. As man began to look past the horizon, of his own knowledge, he began to  wonder about his place in the whole of the universe. He started to wonder how mankind as a society was to fit in the overall picture of the universe.  And since the Church had been the power base for the universe, when the Church began to change so did the attitudes of man. As the Church became  wealthier, a group of traveling or begging clerics, sprang up - almost as a reaction against the secular excesses of the Church. These traveling holy men, such as the  Dominicans and the Franciscans took vows of poverty. When they did live in monasteries together, they became the educated ones of the society, the future teachers of the universities.  Those who traveled became the missionaries. Thomas Aquinas agrees with the thoughts of Aristotle that there is a singular purpose in our human life. That singularity takes the 

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